Best Sofa Cleaning Company in Westlands

Desmo Cleaning Services provides the Best Sofa Cleaning Company in Westlands. Our professional team assesses the condition of the upholstery to determine the treatment required for your sofa or couch; with our specialized spray-extraction machine that sprays fabric shampoo and extract dirt both from the surface & interior of the sofa. An aerosol fabric cleaner is used on the upholstery after cleansing with the carpet cleaning machine on the sofa or couch.

We provide best Sofa Cleaning in Westlands with eco-friendly and safe products to clean & sanitize the sofa to get rid of germs & dust mites, using special HEPA filters thus preventing the mites from spreading. We offer the best sofa cleaning services, sofa shampooing services, steam sanitization services, Sofa steam cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services in Westlands

Best Sofa Set Cleaning Services in South C

Best Sofa Cleaning Company in Westlands

Sofa Cleaning Services include:

  • Vacuums the entire sofa without leaving any spots behind.
  • Clears every spot & stains with synthetical products that won’t damage the fabric.
  • Original color and texture are maintained during the treatment and after it.
  • Our machine carefully extracts the accumulated dirt along with the sprayed shampoo on the sofa.

Best Sofa Set Cleaning Company Prices Westlands

Size of sofa


3 seater sofa

Ksh.2, 800

4 seater sofa

Ksh. 3, 000

5 seater sofa

Ksh. 4, 000

6 seater sofa

Ksh. 5, 500

7 seater

Ksh. 6, 000

Best Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Uthiru
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